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We are Kiko Ventures.

Regenerative capital

Regenerative capital

The climate crisis is the greatest challenge of our generation. It affects every aspect of life on earth. To make the progress required at a pace that’s rapid enough. We need to go against the grain and give it everything we’ve got.

Our purpose

To create new possibilities for a regenerative future

We’ve set out to tackle the world’s most pressing challenge with an approach to venture that’s fit for purpose as well as profit.

  • Oxa

    Universal autonomy

  • Bramble Energy

    Hydrogen fuel cells

  • Vytal

    Reusable packaging

  • C-Capture

    Carbon capture

About us

We are the pioneering evergreen cleantech venture fund

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Our approach marries financial returns with environmental impact. By deploying permanent capital that provides the flexibility and freedom to invest with conviction across every stage and sector, we back businesses and breakthroughs that will support the return to a regenerative world, moving towards a future in which people and the planet can thrive in perpetuity.

Our values

The values we live by

Make **it happen

We engage with intention and focus all our actions on delivering quality outputs. No weak-hearted attempts or half-finished endeavours. If it’s not valuable, we don’t do it. We operate in real time and see things through.

Look beyond tomorrow

Patience and tenacity are superpowers. Consistent effort over years can achieve wonders. We look to understand the bigger picture on climate, both now and in the future.

Be a good human

We’re humans first, foremost and above all else. We shift the focus outside ourselves and consciously consider others.

Our portfolio

The companies taking humanity from where we are to where we need to be

A growing community of changemakers, creating the technology and transformative companies that will take humanity from where we are to where we need to be.

  • tado°

    Smart energy controls and tariffs for the home

  • Vytal

    Avoiding packaging waste.

  • Barocal

    Solid state heat pump technology breakthrough for zero-carbon heating and cooling

  • Hysata

    Green hydrogen. Efficiency wins.

  • OXCCU logo


    Converting CO₂ into fuels.

  • RFC Power

    The future of energy storage: the world’s lowest cost flow battery.

  • Oxa

    Universal autonomy: any vehicle in any environment at any time.

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Our people

We’ve dedicated our entire careers to the environmental cause. As engineers, operators and investors. In the lab, in the field, and in the boardroom.

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Latest news

Our latest thinking, news, and the work we’re doing with the Energy Transitions Commission.

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We’ve been launched by IP Group, whose strong track record of finding, funding and fuelling innovation enables us to combine entrepreneurial agility with institutional capability to create new possibilities for a regenerative world.