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Marius Evers


Marius is an Investor with Kiko based in London, working across the cleantech spectrum, focused on finding and supporting start-ups that are tackling the most urgent environmental challenges of our time.

From construction to venture capital.

I grew up in a small, family-owned construction company. From a very early age onwards, I helped out both in the office and on construction sites. Ever since then, I love to get my hands dirty to move things forward. But even more importantly, seeing how my parents compassionately and successfully grew their business over the last 30 years instilled a great respect for entrepreneurship and founders in me: Having a big vision and making it personal, taking all the risk, being resourceful, and, no matter good or bad news, continuing to build. These are also some of the core character traits I look for in founders.

Driven by impact.

Everything I do must have a positive impact. I believe that climate change is the biggest challenge we as a planet ever faced, where the most impact is needed – and I want to be part of the solution. Finding and enabling innovative ideas and founders that can make a positive difference in our world is my passion.

How big can this get?

I am always curious and excited about new ideas and technologies, and whenever I see innovation, the first question I ask myself “How big can this get?”. I especially like ideas where this is non-trivial to answer, particularly companies that create new markets or categories.

Clarity of vision and not accepting no to get there.

I strongly believe that more often than not, having clarity of vision and not accepting no to get there is the key to the success of an entrepreneurial endeavour. I always admire the resilience and perseverance of the founders I work with.