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Monika Burniston

Executive Assistant

Monika is the Executive Assistant to the Kiko team.

Moving to the UK from Poland shaped my world view. 

After studying in Poland, I knew I wanted to experience what living in a large multicultural city was like. It was a challenge, but one I relished; cultural, religious, and social norms were unlike any others I had previously experienced. It opened my mind to new people, possibilities and  ideas.

I’m inspired every day 

I previously worked in various industries such as fashion, engineering, tech, and property, but the values never quite aligned with mine. I wanted to feel my efforts were going to make a difference.Just knowing that my hard work contributes to a team which is actively seeking to advance real-world solutions to the persistent threat of climate change makes all the difference. I love being part of an organisation with the aim of safeguarding the planet for generations to come. 

There is something very calming about the natural world

It enables you to mentally unwind and forget about the stresses of day-to-day life. One of my favourite activities is going hiking in the Polish Tatra mountains and walking on the beach at home after work.

My ability to execute tasks methodically and quickly is vital to ensuring the team succeeds

I am organised, calm under pressure and good-natured, all of which are crucial in such a dynamic working environment. New last minute challenge requiring me to think on my feet ensure that I’m learning every day.