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Eva Kirkby Leary

Venture Consultant

Eva is a Venture Consultant at Kiko Ventures and is based in London. She is from Switzerland and her spiritual home is Santa Cruz, CA. Eva brings her scientific and engineering brain plus years of working with early-stage start-ups and experience in spinning out new businesses to help portfolio companies navigate the initial years of their existence. Together, we figure out early adopters and build the strongest teams to achieve company goals.

Please be straight-talking and thorough. Also be the best at what you do.

Nothing grabs my attention more than a personable founder who has deep sector knowledge coupled with the skill of communicating what they do clearly, in words I can understand and without ego.

And in return I will do the same.

Others describe me as loyal, honest and reliable, and as having drive and perseverance. I like getting stuff done and believe in solutions not problems (though I do think a good initial rant about the problem is on occasion warranted and healthy).

I’ve been in tech commercialisation since 2010.  I’m also an engineer and a (non-medical) Doctor.

I did my undergrad masters (MEng) in materials science at Oxford and my PhD in composite materials at EPFL (the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology). I can and want to understand the nuts and bolts of how your product or tech works (and then leave you in peace to execute and deliver).

To my present cleantech focus I bring experience in evaluating other science, engineering and software businesses.

I have worked in sectors such as chemicals and chemical engineering, civil and environmental engineering and materials science. My prior work has included protecting the founding IP and acting as early-stage non-executive director for Inflowmatix (smart water networks; acquired by Suez), spinning out and working closely with the board of S-Cube (advanced algorithms for sub-surface imaging) and acting as board observer at Econic Technologies (plastics from carbon dioxide).

My approach to new investments is a balance of knowledge and being analytical, having an open mind and trusting my gut.

An investor will have their own informed filter on which technologies or solutions could drive real change and value, and what traits and characteristics the associated company should have. But because life is broad as well as deep, I keep some time aside to have an open door and mind to those compelling opportunities that fall outside of our pet investment areas.

I am happy and proud to be part of the Kiko Ventures team.

My teammates have IQ and EQ, are passionate about cleantech, supportive of each other and networked. Those who work with one of us have access to all of us.