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Fractional Platform Support

We (Kiko) are looking for some platform support (communications, content, events, … ). We’re open minded on structure but envisage in the order of 2-3 days/week and figure we’ll learn as we go and review after a few months. The ideal person has hands-on communication experience. Familiarity with and a network in climate-tech/startups/VC are definite pluses. Ideally able to spend some time in our London office. 


At Kiko we’re a small group of nerdy climate-tech enthusiasts. We launched our $450m evergreen structure 2 years ago, investing into pre-seed to Series B deals across Europe. A lot of that goes into deeptech and hardware, all of it into decarbonisation. Some of the team has spent 20+ years in this space, albeit in a fairly quiet way. Going forward, we aim to engage more with the ecosystem, share our insights with the outside, host a few events, and more. This is where we’re seeking support – both strategically and operationally.  

If this resonates with you, please reach out to with a brief introduction and your LinkedIn 🙂